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Construction Services

Planning and implementation must flow together.  Thorough planning and design are essential to a smooth running job and incorporating green details in the plans will ensure that everyone is held accountable to the decisions made during the planning process.  

During the planning phase, we: 

  • Establish detailed construction schedule and scope of work
  • Creating a full set of plans if necessary, depends on project size.
  • Order and expedite the delivery of all material.
  • Implement management control of all project activities.
  • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements and purchase orders.

Energy Savings
(Building Performance Services)

    Most homes are not performing to their optimal level.  If you find you are having high heating and cooling bills or discomfort with your indoor environment, chances are we can help you find and fix the problems.  

    The tests we do help us guide you to the most cost effective solutions to energy savings.  Testing the house with specialized equipment allows us to determine what problems there may be.  This is a diagnostic test that will show you where to spend your money. The expected result is energy savings and improved comfort. 

    We use specialized diagnostic tools
    • Blower Door
    • Duct Blaster
    • CO detector
    • Infrared camera

Greywater Recycling


Construction plans


Copper equipment

No Itch Insulation
Recycled denim insulation will now resist the loss and gain of heat.